Monday, September 28, 2009

Spam filtering SnailMail (Post Office)

Email has made communication life so simple and direct. You can get your messages, respond and save the mail you need. In addition most systems do a pretty good job of removing unwanted mail. Even if the server misses a few its usually easy enough to block that sender.

Its about time that the Post Office gets some upgrades, to catch up with the tech world. Wouldn't it be great if you could login to the post office website and get a summary of all your mail? Even better, what if you could Block senders (mark as spam). Perhaps the mail would get automatically sent to a recycle factory!

All at once the mail system becomes fairly "green" and we don't have to deal with junk mail any longer. I imagine a system like this would, after a time reduce the paper mail we get saving trees in the process.

How it works:
The post office scans and sorts each mail item it receives. Each scanned item listed for an address gets added to a database accessible by the person living at the address. Of course your account would change when you submit a change of address form.

The person then can sort and get a good idea of what mail he/she may have in their mailbox. Personally i would love to know when a check is in the mail! After checking their mail they receive something from a spammer perhaps one of those lottery things. The person just enters the post office MyMail page marks it as spam then from then on, no more mail from that address. The spam mail can then be postmarked for the recycle center.

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