Saturday, October 17, 2009

Making Twitter better one Dream at a Time

I applied at twitter today, as apart of their job application they ask for ideas on improvements.

On the Fly my brain immediately went to configurations for twitter to send/forward private messages to specific users or other API's, web services, ip addresses. This would make use of Plus addressing similar to what email servers use.

A message would be sent to @twitteruser+CustomAddress, say @codepyro+linkedIn would update the status of linked in. There are many uses for this type of setup, especially with private secure messages.

What if you could send one of these messages and Restart a server? or send another command perhaps to your website to get your daily sales {to:@codepyro+website "what is my dailysales"; Response:"$X.XX"}. Perhaps a web application could send you private messages. Or maybe.... I donno, what would you use it for?

If you like this idea go tweet or post on the twitter support forms, meanwhile does anyone know how to send twitter suggestions? Perhaps they only respond to tweets :)

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