Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Having a frustrating day tring to get IE7 or IE8 to load javascript

Today, I experienced a 10hr hate-fest with Internet Explorer. Normally the foaming at the mouth and snarling ends after a couple of hours of fighting CSS. Well not this time. Today's issue revolved around IE and javascript.

For those techies out there I would like to explain that I keep Win Auto Updates turned off. This is because I very rarely approve of anything Microsoft "Fixes" on its first try.

Yesterday I needed to debug some CSS & jQuery issues with IE, no big deal just some margin adjustments. Inexplicably neither IE7 (standalone) nor IE8 would run jQuery, eventually I figured out that it was not only jQuery but JavaScript itself. To discover this I used the development tools in IE which stated that "a break-point cannot be added, because the document has not loaded" (or some such nonsense). Which confirmed my theory that JS was not loading at all.

To try and fix the issue, I tried checking the security settings to Enable JavaScript, setup the site as a trusted site and re-installed the program a few times. Nothing worked and javascript continued not to run. I even tried running the browsers from

After much "googling" forums, jQuery, IE, etc a friend of myne over at discovered the following fix. Which fixed the issue INSTANTLY!!

Start > Run...
In the Run box, type in (without quotes) "regsvr32 jscript.dll"
You should receive a popup says that it registration succeeded.

Original solution

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