Thursday, November 05, 2009

programming is like dreaming

I needed to share this quote. or place it somewhere where i can remember it.
its from this article . Which perfectly describes a programmers state().

Let’s take a maze for example. There is a task for the programmer to come up with an algorithm of finding the way out of the maze. When a programmer is working on this task he isn’t just a God’s Finger showing the directions to a little girl lost in a great maze. He isn’t that girl or the walls of a labyrinth either. He is actually all of that in a same time. In order to solve the task he must BECOME the labyrinth, the walls, the lost little girl and whatever else may just came along with it. It is not a figure of the speech – the programmer is literally SLEEPING and DREAMING that all in his mind.
–Don’t Wake Up the Programmer

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