Thursday, December 17, 2009

coldfusion simple email script

Here is a simple Form email script for any generic form. I needed a quick generic email script for a few basic websites on a non coldfusion server to be able to send email through a cf server. So this script takes a form submission from another server and emails it to

. It does check the referers IP address to make sure its a valid request.

<cfset inet_address = CreateObject("java", "")>
<cfset referer= replaceNocase(cgi.HTTP_REFERER,'http://','')/>
<cfset referer= listGetAt(referer,1,'/')/>

<cfset host_IP = listLast(inet_address.getByName(referer),'/')>
<!---required parameters --->
<cfparam name="form.mailfrom" />
<cfparam name="form.mailto" />
<cfparam name="form.mailsubject" />
<cfparam name="form.success" />

<!---check the remote IP address so spammers cant abuse it --->
<cfif host_IP eq "">
<cfmail to="#form.mailto#" from="#form.mailfrom#" subject="form.mailsubject" type="html">

<cfloop collection ="#form#" item="thisAttribute">

<cflocation url="#form.success#"/>

wrong ipaddress


I know I know this is not an ideal situation and is pretty insecure. Sometimes you just have to do as the client asks

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