Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Joomla: Artforms %5C%22 \" in the texts section

If you are having problems with \" in links or %5C%22 in images in artforms you need to make a couple of quick edits.

in \administrator\components\com_artforms\admin.artforms.php: line 420

//after $formid = $row->id;
//add the line
$row-> text = stripcslashes($row-> text);

in \components\com_artforms\artforms.php: line 131

//after $row = $rows[0];
//add the line
$row-> text = stripcslashes($row-> text);

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Supriya said...

Thanks a ton! You have saved me hours of fiddling around!!!

Josh Tischer :: CodePyro said...

No problem, actually I found this fix in some obscure forum but couldn't re-find it to give due credit. I spent A TON of time myself trying to find the fix.

glad i could help

Anonymous said...

Hi John

I'm almost ready to give up on Artforms. It works perfect except I can't find how to change the from email address in the email sent to the sender's email address not the system email address.

Any ideas please?

I'm prepared to make a donation to anyone that can help.


Josh Tischer :: CodePyro said...

John, at a quick glance take a look at the JUtility/SendMail function it has a replyto field.

I would suggest that you update the JUTility::sendMail function calls so that they use the replyto field set to the users email address. The file you need to change is in components/com_artforms/artforms.html.php

let me know if that works. Ill have more time to look into it this weekend

Anonymous said...

Please what is the Full meaning of this
$message = ereg_replace("%5C%22", "%22", $message);

Josh Tischer :: CodePyro said...

%5C%22 is the url encoded Equivalent of \"

ereg_replace is a depreciated function for swapping out strings; really it should use str_replace instead.

So this function all together is removing the slash and leaving the double quote.

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