Thursday, March 25, 2010

virtuemart google analytics with ppc

Good morning today we needed to add google analytics to a virtuemart joomla store. Heres how we done it.

Over on Matthieu Barbe did a great job of creating a google analytics plugin. His plugin will work on every page. It shows the generic google analytics code for normal pages and for the shopping cart finish/confirmation will track a users order, price, items etc.

Visit to download the original mod_gavirtuemart.

I have requested to join the project, but until that goes through ill post my modifications to the module here.

The module had a bug in several queries with user_info_id using the default or wrong id when a different shipping address is used.

Our SEO consultant Scott Orth for this project recommended setting up google PPC conversion code. To make life easy I added some settings and template for ppc.php to show only on the order thank you/confirmation page.

This is one of my first actual joomla module posts so let me know if it works, or doesn't.
mod_gavirtuemart w ppc

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Anonymous said...

Your link to the mod is bad.

albina N muro said...

CodePyro said... No problem, actually I found this fix in some obscure forum but couldn't re-find it to give due credit. Training for Google Analytics

Unknown said...

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