Thursday, September 16, 2010

jquery "Failed to load source for:" ajax, post error

All afternoon I have been setting up the very awesome jquery Star Widget from

Just restart firefox.. erf... or read the procedure of suffering below.

I have been setting it up in a testimonials/ratings system for an older website. The jquery post calls a cfc which was returning values while fixing minor issues with the code. Then all of a sudden it started to throw the error in firebug "Failed to load source for:". This was strange because I could call the CFC directly.

So, after restarting Coldfusion and reloading the fusebox app probably a million times with no results. I thought hrm, just for kicks ill restart firefox v3.6.8 and BAM! it started working again.

Time to go look for the newest version of firefox, dang what a waste of time.

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Anonymous said...

Glad it's not just me. It was driving me nuts and I'm on FF 3.6.12. I too thought it was my code or the server.

FF is currently eating 300MB of RAM and 330MB of virtual ram. Ghastly memory leakage and management. And they think they can get it running as a mobile phone app? If they do they should port it back over to the desktop!

Gary F.

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