Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Convert PDFs to JPGs

Need to quickly save each page of a pdf into a jpg?

  • Open the file in Acrobat PRO - and be sure that the Page Thumbnails tray is open.
  • Highlight all of the Page Thumbnails
  • Right Click on them to bring up the context menu - select "Extract Pages"
  • Choose the file location to save all of the exported split pages

  • Next use photoshop to open each pdf and save as a jpg or
    "save as for web" in my case
  • This can be done with a batch process by creating a new action set.

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Randall@developing android apps said...

Is Acrobat PRO a free product?

Josh Tischer :: CodePyro said...

Unfortunately not, and I have not found a better way using one of the free ones. I have looked in Foxit and a couple of others. Although its been a few months since I looked, perhaps one of the others added that feature.

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Cayos Cochinos said...

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