Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fedex 2 Day Shipping always costs $11.83 issue

Discovered a really bothersome issue with fedex, for random zip codes all over the US it returns the same shipping rate of $11.83 for  FEDEX_2_DAY shipping. These zip codes were talking about random places like South Dakota, Colorado, Arizona to name a few.

If you have Fedex shipping, you may want to start watching the calculations on the 2 Day shipping. I am still not totally convinced that its not only just an issue with this particular fedex production account. I have sent support a request, and will update this post with the findings.

To confirm that the issue was not just code in joomla/virtuemart I downloaded and setup the Fedex example api code and ran tests with versions 9,10, & 13 all in production.

Here is the link to the Fedex Developer resources and api

There is a link on this page for the "Web Services Developer Guide" but its really hard to see/find due to its styling, so here is that link too.

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