Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Joomla website offline login issue on IIS with sh404sef

QUICK how to fix sh404sef on IIS - just in case
1. open up webroot\components\com_sh404sef\shPageRewrite.php
2. Find and replace every instance of #__sh404SEF so it matches your db table. The default is lower case #__sh404sef. OMG WTF! it works on Linux and Apache, why not windows????

Venting and Explanations
Horray! another 3 hours learning about sh404sef. This time a site needed to use the joomla website offline login form. This particular site is hosted on win IIS over at Outstanda hosting, they actually had really responsive tech support which was nice.

Support was needed to figure out how to modify folder permissions in their control panel. For reference you have to change it in the FTP manager from the control panel.

As soon as the website offline was enabled the website was throwing a "service temporarily unavailable" which is INCREDIBLY annoying to figure out, esp because this server would not output error messages. I manually stepped through the files tracing it to the shPageRewrite.php file to the first line for the db call.

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