Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wordpress RocketTheme and RokStories issues

Using RocketThemes for Joomla has been a great Joy. This week I tried one of the wordpress themes, boy what a journey.

There seems to be some sort of caching issue and settings troubles. If you go to create your own preset, that is to say your own customized template use one of the pre-existing ones. I tried to create a separate preset and had NO-End of problems. The customized template preset would work fine and be cached for several hours then revert back to the last preset. Your best hope to get the template to work correctly is to completely over-write one of the presets.

Anyway, enough about the dang template issues and on to the RokStories.

In my customized template there was a "Showcase" for RokStories which by template defaults were loading 3 posts under category frontpage. The RokStories shows on every page by default. To make it show only on the homepage you need to 1st create a new override call it something useful.

Now that you have an override you can go to the widgets admin and remove all of the widgets un-needed for the Default Gantry Settings. When happy switch to your custom override for the homepage.

Now you would think with the override that the settings would just *work* for the homepage, BZZZZ WRONG. The settings still come from the default settings for RokStories. So to resolve my issue of RokStories for wordpress only showing 3 entries I had to manually edit the rokstories_artcount json variable in the wp_options db.

Also note that when manually editing this variable, YOU MAY not set it above 9, for some reason 2 digits break the site!

//to find the variable
FROM `wp_options`
WHERE option_value LIKE '%artcount%'

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