Monday, February 10, 2014

Virtuemart 2 - How to remove SEO Suffix from Product Details aka -detail

If your using Virtuemart 2+ it requires you to use a -detail or .html  as a suffix for product pages.  Which really sucks if you are use to using SH404sef or some other plugin that will correctly re-route your URLs and make them nice. SH404sef no longer works with Virtuemart thus we are stuck with the default router. Here is how I fixed the router.php (included at the bottom for your downloading pleasuere)

Since there is not a plugin I dove into the router.php and made some simple quick fixes to ignore the SEO_Suffix and load products.

Around line 633
Code looked for categories in the last segment

$vars['virtuemart_category_id'] = $helper->getCategoryId (end($segments) ,$helper->activeMenu->virtuemart_category_id);
    $vars['view'] = 'category' ;

Changed to
$product = $helper->getProductId($segments ,$helper->activeMenu->virtuemart_category_id);
    $vars['virtuemart_product_id'] = $product['virtuemart_product_id'];
   $vars['virtuemart_category_id'] = $product['virtuemart_category_id'];

//codepyro - removed suffix from router 
  //check if the last segment is a product. 
  //if so then load the product details page instead of category 
   $vars['view'] = 'productdetails';
   $vars['virtuemart_category_id'] = $helper->getCategoryId (end($segments) ,$helper->activeMenu->virtuemart_category_id);
   $vars['view'] = 'category' ;

Around line 943
//codepyro hack to remove suffix  
  if($this->seo_sufix_size >0)
   $productName =  substr($productName, 0, -(int)$this->seo_sufix_size );

You can download the updated router.php for Virtuemart 2.0.26d  

upload and replace the file

updated 3.14.14 - I didn't realize that the site I had made these adjustments to all of the categories were set as menu items which of course makes a big difference. Anyway the zip file has been updated with the latest router.

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Anonymous said...

Thank u for very helpful post!:) Can u help me a bit?
I need a suffix word, but I would like this order:
#suffix word - product title

I would be very grateful if you could help, thank you!

Josh Tischer :: CodePyro said...

Can you explain further what you are looking for? Is it something like

Josh Tischer :: CodePyro said...

Just got another comment and it appears to have been deleted. If you need help fixing this on your site, let me know.

Олег Луценко said...

Hi, Josh

Thanks for your fix, but it's doesn't work for Joomla 2.5.19 VM 2.0.26

I'll be very glad for your help

Josh Tischer :: CodePyro said...

send me your router file i would be happy to take a look. info at

Anonymous said...

Thenk you form Russia.

Олег Луценко said...

Hi, Josh
Thank you for help!!!
Your router.php is what I was looking for.
Best regards

Anonymous said...

hi, for J 2.5.20. no work :-( sorry can you upgrade it? thanks

Anonymous said...

this solution does not work on Virtuemart 2.6

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Mary Hickman said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Josh
Thank you for this hint...
But I'm now migrating to Virtuemart 3.x, and this hack seems not working anymore: do you have some suggestions to get it working again on new 3.x VM series? Thank you in advance for any help.

jorg gray said...

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Richard C. Lambert said...

Which really sucks if you are use to using SH404sef or some other plugin that will correctly re-route your URLs and make them nice seo

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